20 years of happy staff at MindOut. What’s their secret?

mindout staff past and present

Happy birthday to us!

As one of our many celebrations this year (you have to milk a big birthday right?!) we brought together MindOut staff, old and new, to find out what they love about the UK’s only LGBTQ mental health charity.

“MindOut brings people together. All sorts of very different people who are valued for who they are, in a world where that is not a given.”

“It might sound like a cliché but being involved with an organisation that truly saves lives, gives me a sense of making an impact to other LGBTQ people.”

“Proud to have been even just a small part of the MindOut family.”

“Peer support, a community looking after each other, giving a space for people to find themselves.”

“I see clients who’ve really struggled, been actively suicidal, and I know the whole team has helped to support them through the worst… and then I see the same people joining in with groups, with volunteering and I see just how important MindOut is for so many people, in good times and bad.”

“I think what MindOut does brilliantly is bring together and unite (+ represent) all members of the LGBTQI community + respond to their needs. And they also do it in a really fun way!”

“Taught me I could be who I really am at work!”

“Impact of MindOut – raising the issue of LGBTQ mental health again and again locally and nationally – empowering people who might feel they have no options to volunteer and work!”

At MindOut service users often become volunteers and volunteers become staff members. We are one big queer happy family!

If you’re reading this you’re one of our tribe and whatever your involvement, we couldn’t do it without your boundless support. For our anniversary this year we are aiming to raise an additional £20,000 so we can continue our life saving suicide prevention work and run our counselling service.

You can help us celebrate by donating here. You already did? Then we are sending you a huge glitter covered thank you!

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