Woman of colour graphic holding a sign that says LGBTQ mental health matters and text on the graphic says 'donate today to support lgbtq mental health'

Join MindOut’s #MentalHealthMatters fundraiser and help us raise £3000! Prizes to be won!

The Covid19 pandemic has thrown the UK into a mental health crisis.

This March a national Mental Health Matters Crowdfunder has been launched to raise funds and draw attention to the mental health challenges people are facing today.

40% of LGBTQ people already face mental health issues compared to 25% of the general population. With the additional challenges of the pandemic LGBTQ communities need our support now more than ever as we have seen a huge increase in anxiety, depression and suicidal distress.

Join us in supporting LGBTQ mental health, because it matters, Please donate and share our Crowdfunder today!

Last year we lost £3000 due to the cancellation of our ‘MindOut For The Laughs’ comedy fundraiser.

With just 37 days to go to raise this sum, we need your help! You can donate to our Crowdfunder here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/mindout-lgbtq-mental-health-service

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