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Chat to us or leave us a message through the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

This week we expect to be available to chat at the following times: 

Tuesday 17th May 2022
5.30pm – 7:30pm

Wednesday 18th May 2022
12:00pm – 1:30pm (People of Colour specific session)
5.30pm – 7:30pm

Thursday 19th May 2022
12:00pm – 1:30pm
5.30pm – 7:30pm

Friday 20th May 2022
12:00pm – 1:30pm (Trans and Non-Binary specific session)

Sunday 22nd May 2022
2:00pm – 4:00pm

Monday 23rd May 2022
12:00pm – 1:30pm (Housing specific session)
5.30pm – 7:30pm

Contact one of our Online Support Workers in confidence - see the box in the bottom right hand corner.

About MindOut

MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people with  experience of mental health issues.

We work to improve the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQ communities and to make mental health a community concern.

We do this by:

  • Listening to and responding to the LGBTQ experience of mental health
  • Offering hope through positive relationships and professional expertise
  • Preventing isolation,  crisis and suicidal distress in LGBTQ communities
  • Providing safe spaces for people to meet and support each other
  • Helping people protect their rights and get their voices heard
  • Campaigning and creating conversations  about LGBTQ mental health throughout the world

MindOut is needed because LGBTQ people:

  • do not get the support they need for their mental health from mainstream services
  • often feel isolated from LGBTQ communities
  • face additional discrimination, exclusion and minority stress
  • deserve a space where their identities are recognised and understood

We welcome all LGBTQ people and those who may not identify as LGBTQ including men who have sex with men, women who have sex with women, intersex people, people who previously identified as trans and people who are questioning their sexual and/or gender identities. If in doubt, please do contact us.

Our vision is a world where the mental health of LGBTQ communities is a priority, free from stigma, respected and recognised.

We are passionate about:

  • Community and individual empowerment
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Co-production and client participation
  • Staff wellbeing, performance and development
  • Challenging stigma and discrimination
  • Transparency
  • Quality, excellence and innovation
  • Diversity and inclusion, respecting individuality
  • Meeting the needs of LGBTQ communities
Find out about our staff
Find out about our trustees

Find out about our ambassadors 

 You can also read our latest Strategic Plan and its Appendices
(Our previous Strategic Plan is here)

To understand more about how MindOut works, you can read our Confidentiality Policy, Equality and Diversity policy and our Data Protection Policy.

Here you can read the MindOut Annual Report 2020-2021 to find out what we've been up to over the last year!

Here you can read the MindOut Annual Report 2020-2021 in an easy read format.