Anti-racism at MindOut

At MindOut we are committed to becoming an anti-racist organisation and doing all we can to improve the mental wellbeing of LGBTQ PoC communities. 

MindOut’s Trustees, staff and volunteers have been developing an anti-racism work plan over the last 7 months, acknowledging that as a predominantly white organisation we have much to do to understand our role in a racist society, to support the mental health of LGBTQ People of Colour, to become a better employer for LGBTQ PoC colleagues.

We aim to improve:

  • Our communications, including a prominent statement of intent on our website home page
  • Provision of specific LGBTQ PoC run services, including online sessions, peer support group work and peer mentoring
  • Opportunities for LGBTQ PoC co-production and service user participation
  • Research into the lived experiences of LGBTQ PoC communities who experience mental health issues
  • Staff and volunteer training on white privilege and racism to ensure that we are running safe, inclusive services
  • Plans for anti-racism campaigns
  • Outreach to PoC community groups to improve access to MindOut support
  • Recruitment of LGBTQ PoC staff and volunteers
  • Research into LGBTQ PoC mental health needs
  • Partnership working to improve the mental health of LGBTQ PoC communities
  • Prioritise purchasing from Black-owned businesses, especially LGBTQ Black-owned businesses.

We have achieved  (as at December 2020):

  • Clear organisational commitment to anti-racism
  • Anti-racism is discussed at all Board meetings and at staff and volunteer team meetings
  • In January we are starting a new weekly peer support group run by and for LGBTQ PoC
  • A regular weekly online session run by and for LGBTQ PoC
  • We have contributed to a research study on LGBTQ migrants, refuges and asylum seekers mental health with Bournemouth University
  • Run training sessions on white privilege and anti-racist practice for all staff and Trustees and most of our volunteer team

Online Support QTIPOC themed session:

Our Online Support session run by and for QTIPOC (Queer, Trans, Intersex People of Colour) runs every Tuesday between 3 - 5pm.

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