Assertiveness Skills Workshop for LGBTQ people over 50

2-3.30pm Thursday 4th March 2021

Trainer: Karen Dresback

In the second of our series of self-advocacy workshops for LGBTQ people over 50, we will be focussing on Assertiveness.

Assertiveness is a key skill in being able to self-advocate and is important in getting our voices heard effectively.

In this workshop we will be looking at:

  • What is assertiveness?
  • Styles of communication
  • How to communicate most effectively in different situations
  • Being assertive when making requests
  • How to challenge put-downs and deal with criticism

We will be working as a group and looking at case studies and real life examples to show assertiveness skills in action.

This event will take place online via Zoom.

You do not have to have attended any previous LGBTQ self-advocacy workshops to be able to take part in this workshop. If you are interested in attending please email [email protected]

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