Counselling Service at MindOut is now open!

Our new LGBTQ counselling service has opened its doors.

We are welcoming clients to complete a referral form, after which you will be invited to meet for an assessment prior to starting counselling.


If you would like assistance with the form, please ring 01273 234 839 or email [email protected]



The LGBTQ counselling service at MindOut is an affordable  LGBTQ affirmative, relational counselling service run for and by LGBTQ people.

The service runs from MindOut’s offices in central Brighton. All our counsellors are LGBTQ, and are qualified or attending post graduate counselling courses.  Our counsellors are able to work with you on a wide range issues, and after your first assessment session we will aim to match you with a counsellor who will meet your needs.

We offer short term counselling of up to 12 weeks, with fees on a sliding scale depending on your gross annual income.


For more information about the new counselling service, contact [email protected] or call 01273 234 800



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