Counsellor Training Bursary for LGBTQ Person of Colour

MindOut are excited to offer a single bursary opportunity for an LGBTQ Person of Colour, to undertake a counselling diploma and to enter into placement with our diverse counselling team. This builds on our successful rollout last year, when bursaries were awarded to a Black woman, and to a non-binary Person of Colour.

MindOut is offering this bursary to coincide with the September/October 2022 academic year. It is envisioned that the recipient will commence study at that time, although take-up of the bursary could exceptionally be delayed until 2023.

The bursary will cover 50% of course fees and related expenses (personal therapy, supervision etc.) up to a fixed amount (as detailed in the application pack). Recipients will complete a training placement in-house with MindOut’s busy, low-cost LGBTQ counselling service, with an expectation to continue in placement for a year post-qualification in order to maximize the benefit to the LGBTQ communities we serve. We are based in Brighton, so applicants should be local, or available to travel for weekly client sessions (an existing bursary holder studies in London, for example).

For the application pack click this link, and for any questions please email [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I apply? 

For the application pack click this link, and for any questions please email [email protected]. Applications will close at midnight on Sunday 31st July 2022. Interviews with MindOut will be arranged through August. 

You need to apply separately for a place on a relevant, level 5/6/7 (degree-level or equivalent) counselling training if you have not already done so. You should only apply for our bursary if you have been accepted onto and offered a place on a valid counselling course – or if such an offer is expected – and bursaries will only be awarded to those whose place on a course has been confirmed.  

Isn’t MindOut a small charity? How can you afford these bursaries? 

We received one-off donations last year which allow us to offer these bursaries now. If this pilot is successful and we are able to attract further funding, we may be able to access targeted funds to offer more bursaries in future.

How many bursaries are available? How much are they worth? 

We offered 2 bursary places last year, and now have 1 remaining bursary available. 

Bursaries are on a 50% basis (covering 50% of course fees and related expenses such as personal therapy, supervision etc.) up to a fixed amount – this amounts to around £3,304 per year for up to two years, and applicants will need to meet the rest of their costs themselves. The bursary value is based on last year’s prices, at Brighton’s leading course provider. 

I can’t afford to meet the rest of the course costs myself. Can you offer more than 50% bursary? 

We recognise that finance can be a significant barrier to entering the counselling profession – one reason why it might historically be seen as a white, cis-gendered and middle-class profession. We also have a responsibility to spend these funds carefully, maximising the long-term positive impact for Black and trans communities. We need to be confident that those who start the training will be in a strong position to complete it, over a 2+ year period. This means that we sadly cannot fund those who do not afford the remainder of the costs.  

I’m Black but not LGBTQ. Can I apply?  

Unfortunately not. We do recognise the importance of training more Black counsellors irrespective of sexual orientation or trans history. However, all MindOut activities are offered ‘by and for LGBTQ people’ and this is vitally important to our clients and service users, staff and volunteers, and funders.  

I’m trans but not Black / not a Person of Colour. Can I apply?  

Unfortunately not, these Bursaries are targeted at Black LGBTQ and QTIPoC communities who are historically excluded from the counselling professions and who are currently under-represented. Our intention is to increase the provision of relevant counselling services for people with these intersectional identities. If you progress into counselling training, please do consider applying for a placement with us! 

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