Dine for Mindout!

a plate on a red check table cloth with "dine for mindout" written on it in coloured writingDo you like cooking for friends? Do you like eating food cooked by friends? You are in luck as MindOut is launching a new fundraising initiative that will tantalise your taste buds.

In the following months MindOut will launch a string of fundraising events based on the positive effects of food. The idea is simple and everyone can join in.  Follow the themes we suggest or come up with your own,   invite your friends round and ask them to make a donation. We are asking for a minimum £5.00 donation from all the diner’s guests.

If you don’t want to cook you can host a picnic or BBQ anytime you like!

Over the next six months we will suggest six food themes, each with their own info packs giving you recipes, tips and telling you about the hidden benefits of the ingredients – discover the best way to make a traditional Laksa during Thai month; appreciate the exotic spices that Indian month will introduce; learn the secret of making an authentic burrito in Mexican month…

Jonathan is looking forward to take part in the fundraising by hosting one of the food themes and said:

“I’d love to support MindOut and I love cooking!   Sharing food with friends is great…  Sometimes I find it hard to decide what to cook so having a theme and recipes to follow will be fun. Some of my closest friends don’t cook and they love it when I invite them for dinner, and now they can enjoy my home made food and support a worthy charity in the process.”

The UK recently voted Indian food the favourite, so July will be devoted to hosting an Indian dinner, or if the sun is shining, you could try a picnic with an Indian twist.

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