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Show Your Support for MindOut This June and Vote for Us in the Discount Promo Codes Charity Poll

At MindOut, we strive to improve the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQ communities. For 20 years, we have been challenging stigma and promoting positive mental health, and your support means we can keep providing our vital services. For the month of June, we’ve teamed up with Discount Promo Codes for their monthly charity poll, and we have the chance of winning 20% of the site’s profits – but we need your help!

Since 2012, Discount Promo Codes have been helping their users to save money on their shopping, all while raising funds for good causes. Their site is home to thousands of voucher codes and offers from the UK’s biggest retailers, with discounts to be had on everything from beauty to video games. Their current total raised for charity stands at over £58,000, and this month, MindOut are delighted to be one of their supported charities.

How Does It Work?

The Discount Promo Codes charity poll is simple. Every month, three charities compete for votes by visitors to the site. This is all done through social media, on site promotion and general word of mouth. Visitors can head to the site and cast their vote completely free of charge, as well as take advantage of the deals available if they wish. At the end of the month, the charity that has the most votes wins 20% of the site’s profits.

So how is the money for the winning charity raised? Every time a purchase is made through the site, Discount Promo Codes make a small commission at no extra cost to the user, and this commission goes towards the final donation. Every single purchase made through the site contributes to the donation amount, so the more codes used, the more money raised!

How Can You Support MindOut?

We’re in for a chance of winning 20% of June’s profits, but we can’t do it without your help. This June, we need our supporters to head over to Discount Promo Codes and cast their vote for MindOut. The poll begins on the 1st of June and will be running right up until midnight on the 30th, so there’s plenty of time to get involved! All you need to do is visit the site where you’ll find the poll on the right hand side. Simply click on MindOut, followed by the green button to confirm, and you’re all set. Voting is completely free, there’s no need to sign up for anything or use any codes for it to count, and it takes less than a minute to do! Of course, if you have any online shopping to do, it’s worth taking a browse for your chosen retailer. Remember, the more codes used, the more money raised for the winning charity, so by doing your shopping through Discount Promo Codes you’ll also be contributing to the final donation without spending a single penny more!

If you want to help us out even further, why not share the poll on your social media in order to encourage your friends and family to vote too? Every vote matters, so be sure to show your support for us at MindOut and help us continue providing our life changing mental health support to LGBTQ communities. Thank you!

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