Did you know you can leave a gift in your Will?

Support the future of LGBTQ mental health

Are you thinking of leaving a gift in your Will?

By remembering us in your will you can you can make a lasting difference to our work and help us continue to support LGBTQ people in the future. You can either choose a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate.

Make a free will online

We offer a free will writing service through our partner Make A Will Online (MAWO).

Every will is checked by a qualified solicitor. Details of your gift will be shared with us: the amount of the legacy and the date you made the will. You can also choose to share your name with us too so that we can contact you to thank you and to keep you updated.

If you already have a will…

If you have a solicitor, please contact them and ask them to include a gift to us.  If you have complicated needs (e.g. dependent relatives/ property overseas/ trust income etc) or if your estate is liable for inheritance tax (see here), we suggest you speak to a solicitor to discuss making a will and leaving a gift to us. If you don't have a solicitor, you can go to http://solicitors.lawsociety.org.uk/ to search for a local solicitor.

Please ensure that your solicitor uses our full name: “MindOut LGB&T Mental Health Project”, our charity number: 1140098, and our registered address: Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG.

About our free online wills offer

Using the free wills service means details of your legacy will be shared with us: the amount of the legacy and the date you made the will.  You can make a will at https://makeawillonline.co.uk/online-wills and leave a legacy to us without sharing this information.  Whether or not you choose to share your information, we are enormously grateful to you for remembering us in your will.

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