Community Engagement Project

MindOut’s Community Engagement Project works with people with mental health needs who face multiple barriers to care. Our Community Engagement Worker can offer practical support to help you find out about, access and use appropriate health and social care services.

People interested in our Community Engagement Service might struggle to access mental health services due to drug and alcohol use, incarceration, immigration status, homelessness, psychosis, or institutional factors like racism and transphobia. You might have a particularly stigmatised mental health condition that’s made it hard to get the care you deserve.

MindOut’s Community Engagement Work provides one-on-one support to:

  • Challenge and remove barriers to care
  • Create bespoke support systems
  • Make long-term goals
  • Help navigate local and national services
  • Stabilise and de-escalate crises

We can work on both short term issues such as getting you into a GP practice, or more long term issues such as planning your access to specialised healthcare. We are trans and sex worker inclusive and will take direction from you about your specific healthcare needs.

The Community Engagement Worker project is a part of the Community Roots collaboration across Brighton & Hove that brings together 16 community organisations to provide holistic, person-centred mental health support.

If you’d like some support from our Community Engagement Worker please get in touch with us at i[email protected]