Online Support

Our Online Support service is an instant message service that is confidential, non-judgemental and anonymous. We are open most evenings from 5:30-7:30pm, and on Sundays from 2-4pm, with additional hours most days

We are working hard to extend our opening hours. In light of current events, we thought we would display what our weekly schedule tends to look like. Please note, these session times below are subject to change, and the pink bubble on our homepage will always show the opening times of the next available session.

Please note, the session listed times below are subject to change.

Please note, the session listed times below are subject to change.

3pm - 5pm

3pm - 5pm (QTIPOC [Queer, Trans, Intersex People of Colour] specific session
5:30pm - 7:30pm

4pm - 7:30pm

2pm - 3.30pm (Over 50s session)
3.30pm - 5:30pm

12pm - 1.30pm (Trans Advocacy session) 
4pm - 7:30pm

12pm - 2pm Please note, these sessions are temporarily suspended; they will be resumed as soon as possible.

2pm - 4pm

The service is run by trained Online Support workers and mental health advocates who are ready to provide emotional support, information or signpost you in the right direction. You can chat to us about whatever is on your mind, and we will always try and help in whatever way we can.

If you are in a crisis or in need of urgent support our online support service can:

  • Listen to how you are feeling, without any judgement and without forcing unwanted advice or opinions
  • Help you to think about ways to stay safe and develop coping strategies, if this is what you want
  • Help you look for support and explore these options, if this is what you want

Our Online Support service also includes the following:

  • Trans and Non Binary sessions
  • Young LGBTQ sessions
  • Coming out of lockdown/Coping with Covid sessions

You will always know when we are next online by checking the pink chat bubble that displays on every page of our website – and you can also leave us a message if we are offline and someone will be back in touch.

“I make contact often, because it helps me feels connected to the outside world, without it I wouldn’t have contact with anyone.”

"Fantastic support. Non judgemental, the person didn't tell me what to do but instead asked really insightful questions to get me thinking about what I had to do myself. Thank you so much for this service!"

“I feel suicidal daily, mostly of an evening.  This service is a lifeline!”

mindout online support banner with rainbow border

MindOut’s peer mentoring and online support services are part of the new Community Roots partnership.

community roots postcard of info including logos

Community Roots is a network of local services committed to supporting good mental health and wellbeing in Brighton and Hove.

Alongside support to help people manage their mental health and wellbeing and live the life they want to, a ‘central access point’ phone number and website is available to help people navigate and access services.

Other services  provided as part of Community Roots, include: a team of Community Navigators to help people navigate and access services; mental health awareness initiatives; specialist employment support; wellbeing centres/ hubs; peer support; bereavement support; money advice; community groups and activities; a recovery college; support for carers and families; suicide prevention support; tailored support for LGBT and BME communities, and autism support.