Peer Mentoring

The peer mentoring project can link you up with a trained volunteer peer mentor who can help you to develop new skills, explore areas of interest, improve social connections and try new things. The mentor you are matched with can have similar interests, experiences and identities as you, if that’s what you need or want.

"I was struggling with being gay, no one knew, I kinda hated myself, I hid away. Peer mentoring has exceeded my expectations in terms of confidence building. My mentor is a confident, successful gay man who understood me as he felt like me once. I went to a gay bar on my own yesterday, I would never have done this without peer mentoring.”

Peer mentoring has supported people to:

  • Apply for and prepare for employment
  • Access courses and workshops
  • Attend community events like Pride and the Fringe Festival
  • Research gym memberships, visit leisure centres, join sports clubs
  • Train for and run marathons
  • Go clothes shopping
  • Understand and live well with a mental health diagnosis
  • Come out and build confidence about their LGBTQ identity
  • Attend shows and visit the cinema
  • Explore the scene, go out for a meal or go for a drink and a chat
  • Join community and social groups
  • Go for walks, visit the country side, explore Sussex
  • Develop social confidence and social skills

"My mentor helped me make decision about my career. My job was making me ill and I needed to leave but couldn’t work out how to do this in a safe way. He helped me make a decision that has changed my life, he helped me plan a change of career. I am now re- training and much happier.”

"I wasn’t expecting the experience to be so powerful. My social skills and self-confidence were strengthened. It was very important work for which I am very grateful."


Please click on the image to the right to see our Peer Mentoring and Befriending leaflet.

Meet Dawn, our Peer Mentoring Coordinator, on our Who We Are page.

Find out more

To find out more about our peer mentoring project, please contact us to arrange an appointment with our peer mentoring coordinator who will tell you more and carry out a short assessment with you.

01273 234 839

MindOut’s peer mentoring and online support services are part of the UOK partnership

UOK is a network of local services committed to supporting good mental health and wellbeing in Brighton and Hove.

Alongside support to help people manage their mental health and wellbeing and live the life they want to, a ‘central access point’ phone number and website is available to help people navigate and access services.

Other services provided as part of UOK include: a team of Community Navigators to help people navigate and access services; mental health awareness initiatives; specialist employment support; wellbeing centres/ hubs; peer support; bereavement support; money advice; community groups and activities; a recovery college; support for carers and families; suicide prevention support; tailored support for LGBT and BME communities, and autism support.

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