MindOut for the Laughs in pictures

Check out our fabulous fundraiser that raised £3700 for LGBTQ mental health! Huge thanks to everyone who joined us for the evening and bought merch and raffle tickets.

Our incredible performers sure did make it a night to remember. Ophelia Payne, our wonderful host and MindOut ambassador glued the show together with sequins, songs, banter and hamsters (you really had to be there!)

Hannah Brackenbury was as joyful as ever with silly songs about cats, hayfever and the i360. Alfie Ordinary was anything but normal as Tinky-Winky. Comedy stars Kate Cheka and Emily Bampton from the Cocoa Butter Club made our faces ache from laughing. And our headliner Lee Peart stole the show! All this alongside our equally hilarious BLS interpreters, Paula Cox and Paul Michaels.

See you next year for more drag, cabaret and comedy!

Alfie Ordinary and MO4Ls crowd. Everyone has their hands in the air.
Alfie singing in the audience, he's squatting looking away from the camera, wearing a purple glitter jumpsuit
Alfie Ordinary in the audience, holding someone's hand in the audeince
MindOut for the Laughs crowd clapping and smiling. Some are standing up dancing. Others are sitting down.
MindOut staff. Two are sitting down and one is standing in between them. All wearing black and white MindOut merch.
Alysa shaking a collection bucket. The bucket is being held above her head and she's looking away from the camera.
Ophelia Payne on stage with BSL signer Paul
Ophelia Payne, walking up the audience, shaking a bucket to collect cash for MindOut
Ophelia Payne, walking up the audience, shaking a bucket to collect cash for MindOut
Ophelia Payne on the MindOut for the Laughs stage, learning into the crowd and holding her micorphone to someone in the audience. Ophelia Payne is white appearing, with curly blonde hair and wears a sequenced jumpsuit
Paul (BSL signer), Lee peart and Ophelia Payne on stage. Lee and Ophelia are about to give each other a kiss
Photo of the MindOut merch at MindOut for the laughs. Some t-shirts are pink and black, others are white and black. The t-shirts read 'MindOut for each other'
Calvin, MindOut PoC development Manager wearing MindOut merch, standing at the MindOut merch stall smiling into the camera
MindOut staff on stage showing the audience the new MindOut merch with Ophelia Payne
Two Lloyds bank volunteers smiling into the camera wearing MindOut t shirts
Side profile of Lee Peart on stage, holding the mic with one hand and a glass of wine in the other. He's laughing into the mic, and Paul (BSL signer) is standing next to him
Lee Peart, on the MindOut stage, holding the mic to his face. Lee wears a floral shirt and black suit trousers.
Kate Cheka standing on stage with the mic to her mouth
Kate Cheka, smiling and taking selfies with four others after her stand up performance
Kate Cheka on stage, looking to her left holding the mic to her mouth with both hands
Ophelia Payne and Hannah Brackenbury backstage, Ophelia has wide eyes and a slanted mouth, Hannah is laughing
Malaika and Lucy (MindOut staff) smiling together. Both wearing MindOut merch
Side profile of Emily Bampton, standing on stage with the mic to her mouth
Emily Bampton, on stage holding the mic, smiling with her head and eyes down as she holds the mic wire with her left hand
Emily Bampton, stand up comedian is on stage, wearing a floral maxi dress, she has curly afro hair and is holding the mic to her mouth. Standing to the right is Paula (BSL signer) who is wearing a black jumpsuit and has blonde long wavy hair
Two white appearing people watching the MindOut for the Laughs show, one person has their hand over their mouth and is squinting their eyes with laughter
MindOut for the laugh audience smiling at the performances on stage
MindOut for the Laughs audience clapping and smiling
MindOut for the laughs crowd smiling and clapping as they watch the MindOut for the Laughs show
Three white appearing smiling at MindOut for the Laughs
Alfie Ordinary on the MindOut for the Laughs stage, he's wearing a pink/purple jumpsuit and the crowd have there hands in the air, Paul (BSL signer) stands next to Alfie on stage.
Alfie on stage with his hands in the air, he wears a purple glittery jumpsuit, and has a orange hang bag in his left arm
Lee Peart on stage, with the mic to his mouth
Hannah Brakenbury backstage with her hands on her hips, she smiles looking away from the camera
Alfie Ordinary back stage looking into the mirror applying makeup
Kate Cheka, stand up comedian and MindOut for the Laughs performer is backstage, smiling with her eyes looking away from the camera, she wears a black top and trousers and has brown/ purple braids
Lee Peart, on the stage with his face screwed up, and arms and shoulders are risen up
Hannah Brackenbury on stage singing and playing guitar, she wears a white and blue leaf patterned shirt and has short brown hair
Side profile of Kate Cheka on the MindOut for the Laughs stage, she has the mic to her mouth, Paula (BSL signer) is standing on the stage next to Kate
Emily Bampton, back stage posing at the camera, she has curly afro hair and wears a floral maxi dress. Ophelia Payne is stands next to Emily, smiling towards her. Kate Cheka, is stood in the background holding a cup and talking on the phone
Paul and Paula (BSL signers) backstage. Both are looking away from the camera. Paul is laughing
Georgois at the merch stall. Holding their hands together, smiling and looking away from the camera
Kip, shaking a MindOut collection bucket, looking away from the camera. They're wearing MindOut merch and stripy shorts
Lloyds volunteer selling raffle tickets, they wear glasses, and brown hair which is tied up.
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