How MindOut Helped Me: Di’s Story

Di talks about how being bullied at work and financial problems led to severe depression and how the help she has received from MindOut has enabled her to cope over the last 10 years.


 Di attended our Work it Out group for people juggling work and mental health difficulties which helped her cope with a very difficult work environment. When Di’s mental health became worse and she had to leave her job she started to attend our Out of the Blue support group which has helped her manage her suicidal distress and gain support from others in the same situation.


“The group I attended helped me to feel that I wasn’t alone and for other people to be sharing their experiences and problems at work was really fantastic  –  it was a real lifeline for me.”


At MindOut we recognise that people need different support at different times and that recovery can be a slow process. We want to ensure that people get the right support when they most need it.




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