Support for Trans Communities

MindOut is proud to provide one of the few mental health advocacy services run by and for trans people.  Recent social media and government announcements are causing untold stress, anxiety and anger for trans and non-binary communities.

MindOut welcomes and supports people of all gender identities and gender expressions, and we reject all forms of transphobia. Trans people, particularly Black and otherwise marginalised trans people, experience oppression and violence every single day. We reject any concept that trans experiences are any less valid than cisgender experiences.

We are very concerned that trans rights are being eroded in the UK and around the world.  An attack on any part of our community is an attack on us all, and marginalised groups need to feel that they can live a life free from oppression more now than ever. 

Please know that we are here to listen, to support you, to offer safe, affirmative space.  If you live in Brighton and Hove you are welcome to contact us for advocacy and peer support.  If you live elsewhere you are welcome to contact our Online Support service, open daily, with a trans-specific session on Fridays between 12 and 2pm.

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