New research into LGBTQ mental health

Stonewall have published a major study showing that over half of LGBT people experienced depression in the last year, with almost half of trans people feeling suicidal.   People reported shocking levels of mistreatment in mainstream services.  Read the report HERE.

Stonewall's brilliant and timely research highlights and reveals the shocking levels of mental distress we respond to daily at MindOut.  We know first hand just how prevalent depression, anxiety, suicidal distress and self-harm are in our communities, especially for people who have intersectional identities who are far more likely to encounter hate crime, discrimination and prejudice wherever they go.

The research is really helpful, a call to action for everyone concerned about mental health.  And there is so much we can all do. We need sustainable funding for trusted community services, we need to stop stigma and prejudice about mental health, we need to talk more, support each other and challenge poor treatment.

MindOut runs accessible, responsive, innovative, safe services including advocacy, counselling, group support, peer mentoring, volunteering, events and courses, we urge anyone concerned about mental health, their own or other people's, or if they would like to contribute in any way, to get in touch: 01272 234939 or email [email protected]'.

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