Our 50+ self-advocacy workshops are here for you

Self-Advocacy Workshop leaflet

We are running a series of bite sized Self Advocacy Workshops for people who are 50+.

Self-advocacy is organising and speaking up for yourself to help you get what you want and need. Sometimes this isn’t always easy, especially for minority groups such as LGBTQ folk, who can be silenced and excluded due to prejudice and discrimination. Self-advocacy is empowering and helps you stay in control of your life, builds self-esteem, resilience, and protects our mental health. Self-advocacy can help you deal with a problem or issue in your life, deal with relationships, help you achieve a personal goal, or enable you to access information or a particular service.

For some, coming to a 50+ Self Advocacy workshop will help you develop new skills, be more informed about your rights, be heard, have a voice, challenge age related stereotypes and assumptions and of course assert you needs. This can be especially important when dealing with Health and Social Care professionals.

In these workshops you will naturally find yourself starting to feel more confident, and you will be invited to practice your new skills in a safe and supportive space. We can address specific issues with you to help you manage each stage of self-advocacy.

The Self Advocacy workshops include the following titles. You can come to all workshops or pick what is most appropriate and beneficial to you.

  1. Self Advocacy
  2. Assertiveness
  3. Self esteem
  4. Your rights
  5. Planning and organising
  6. Collective issues

These will be held face-to-face at Community Base, 113 Queens Street, Brighton, government guidance permitting.

If you would like to talk to us about our workshops or be added to a waiting list for future workshops, please do get in touch on [email protected] or 01273 234839

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