Our Ambassadors

MindOut is run by and for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer people. Our staff, volunteers, board of trustees, and ambassadors all identify as LGBTQ and have experience of mental health challenges.

Our ambassadors come from all walks of life and throughout the year they play a key role in promoting MindOut’s mission and services. Read on for more information about our fabulous MindOut ambassadors.

POC femme with long brown hair crouching down, looking into the camera
I am so excited to be a MindOut ambassador and support such an amazing charity. Mental health is something that a large amount of people struggle with, and the percentage of LGBTQ+ people who struggle is extremely high. I’m honoured to support MindOut as it's an incredible charity which provides support and health for a huge amount of LGBTQ+ people, without any discrimination. I love that the charity places huge importance on being an “anti-racist organisation” and taking the time to “understand and process white privilege”, placing extra support amongst LGBTQ+ people of colour. They also have an international online chat service which provides mental health support to people worldwide which is amazing!
ABISHA (she/her) 
White drag queen wearing a red formal dress, she has brown hair and is looking into the camera
I feel incredibly honoured to be an ambassador for MindOut. The work that MindOut does for the wider LGBTQI+ community is outstanding. Its focus on suicide prevention work is something that is incredibly personal to myself and is so vital within our community. Access to good mental health services is a challenge for so many but particularly the LGBTQI+ community who face unique challenges that MindOut offer through their peer mentors and much more. I am so happy that I have been able to help and raise much needed funds for the organisation and hope that our continued relationship will enable this fantastic charity to keep thriving. Keep up the outstanding work MindOut!
- Ophelia Payne (she/her) 
white feminine appearing person looking into the camera and smiling. They are wearing a black leather jacket and black top

Positive mental wellbeing is so close to my heart; like so many of us in the LGBTQIA+ community I struggled for many years through dark times, low esteem, abuse and destructive behaviours, some days I still do. Those scars will always be part of me, they’ve shaped but don’t define me. That’s why MindOut is so important to me – a charity with ethics, one that’s dedicated to giving LGBTQIA+ people a safety net, help, when it feels like you’re falling and alone. It will take a while for the world to become a better place for us but until then I am so thankful for MindOut, totally support everything they do and am so honoured to be an ambassador for them.

- Bobbi Pickard (she/her)