Out of the Blue – an LGBTQ group for support with suicidal thoughts

Many LGBTQ people have experienced suicidal thoughts

For some of us these may be about closing down and coming around again once the pain or hurt of something passes.  For others, these thoughts may be reoccurring or constant and may lead to high levels of distress where plans are made to harm ourselves or end our lives.

If suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts are something you have once had or are currently having then please do get in touch and talk to us, we might be able to help!

We also run 2 weekly peer support groups for people with suicidal thoughts, one is for LGBTQ people and the other is for GBTQ men.

Contact us on: 01273 234839 or email [email protected]

out of the blue poster showing person with hoodie on sitting on pebbles looking out to see

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