Raising money for MindOut is good for your mental heath!

The marine tavernThroughout 2018 the Marine Tavern has chosen to support MindOut as their charity of the year. I popped into the pub last week to meet Craig Harwood chief charity fundraiser to find out more…

“Previously we have supported bigger charities like Rockinghorse but we are a real locals bar and we wanted a small, local charity with a LGBTQ focus where our money would really make a difference. We came up with our top 3 charities and then asked our locals to vote – they chose Mindout! Lots of them have used MindOut services or know someone who has. We wanted to give mental health more attention as it is a hidden need. Half the effort is about raising awareness as well as money!”

Craig said that although it was sometimes stressful – it was a lot of fun planning events and doing things together at the pub.

 “It has been really beneficial for our own mental health – many of us have had our own experiences of mental health difficulties and we know how important it is in our communities. My goal is to get local bars working together in unison to help make our community stronger”

Bike ride at the Marine Tavern

Community effort

Whilst he has been leading the fundraising efforts he praised the bar staff and punters who have contributed and organized events themselves – particularly Scott Austin Shaw and Jay Stacy.  It’s a real team effort.

“We did a boat race fundraiser 3 years ago and it expanded from there – we made friends and started thinking about other activities we could do as a way of coming together and doing some good for charity”

 Scott said

“ I suffer from anxiety and depression myself and it’s still quite taboo. It affects work, social life and it’s important to break down the wall of silence. People don’t take it as seriously as they should. At our event for Liam a few weeks ago some of the performers were amazing and spoke out about their own mental health issues – it helps create community connections”

So far the team have organized a sponsored bike ride across the South Downs, had regular pub quizzes, collection tins at the bar and a memorial event for one of the locals.

They have successfully raised £3,132.64 so far for MindOut and have a target of £7K to meet before the year is out.

Fundraising events coming up at Marine Tavern…

1 day Brighton to Paris cycle ride in November 2018

please support the team by donating via their Just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/btn2paris

January 2019 – End of year  hurrah!

Final fundraising event for MindOut…watch this space..

Please help the guys at the Marine Tavern hit their target by donating via their team Justgiving page https://www.justgiving.com/teams/mt4mo

MindOut would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful efforts of the team at the Marine Tavern – you are truly making a difference!

Thank you to: Craig Harwood, Lee Cockshott, Matt Convery, Jay Stacy, Scott Austin-Shaw and all our supporters at the Marine Tavern


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