Supporting LGBTQ Mental health in the workplace

Promoting good mental health in the workplace for all employees should be a priority. The way employees think, feel and behave can have a huge impact on whether the job gets done productively or not.

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It is a particular concern for LGBTQ staff as the wealth of evidence points to higher rates of mental health problems and suicidal distress in these communities. While progress has been made, many LGBT+ people still worry that revealing this aspect of their identity at work will have negative consequences. Businesses that support LGBTQ people and protect their wellbeing within the workplace, will gain key economic benefits including a reduction in sickness absence and boosts in productivity.

Here are some Top Tips for Managers to promote LGBTQ mental health in the workplace:


  • Have sensitive, proactive conversations that encourage staff to talk about their mental health
  • Be unafraid to talk about suicide if concerned about someone.
  • Understand minority stress and offer immediate support if staff are experiencing it.
  • Create opportunities for peer support amongst LGBTQ staff – are Employee Assistance Programmes LGBTQ affirmative?
  • Signpost LGBTQ staff to confidential services e.g. MindOut’s Online Service
  • Celebrate the positives and focus on resilience
  • Strengthen connections at work – our relationships support our mental health.



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