MindOut stands in solidarity with the trans community

trans flag background with text on top that reads 'keep your promise ban conversion therapy

We are dismayed by the UK Government’s plans to backtrack on the conversion therapy ban, which has actively excluded our trans siblings. Trans rights are human rights and we stand shoulder to shoulder with every trans person on this matter. The Government’s own data shows that trans people are more likely to be subjected to … Read more

MindOut’s counselling service, busier than ever

Over the past year, MindOut’s counselling service has recovered from the disruption caused by the pandemic, and is now bigger than ever. We’re doing our best to keep up with the demand for low-cost LGBTQ-affirmative counselling, but we’ve had to put in some restrictions to help manage our waiting list. At the moment, unfortunately, we … Read more

The Big Give Christmas Challenge turns up trumps

Pink MO counselling service £4K target pic

For our winter fundraising campaign this year we tested out The Big Give Christmas Challenge. As the largest match funding campaign in the UK, we gave our supporters the opportunity to double their donation so they could have twice the impact on MindOut’s counselling service. We never expected to hit our £4000 target within 24 … Read more

MindOut’s LGBTQ(+) glossary

QTIPOC appearing person smiling into the camera, standing in front of painted wall of the pride colours, white coloured text next to their head reads 'LGBTQ+ glossary'

Welcome to MindOut’s LGBTQ (+) glossary. There will always be evolving terminology around sexual and gender identities and simple explanations can be useful. Here’s our guide to help us all be better allies.    Sexual Orientation Glossary   + (plus) ‍The ‘+’ at the end of LGBTQ+ is used to acknowledge the many terms to describe those that have a minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity, as not all of these identities are specified in the LGBTQ initialism, which stands for lesbian, … Read more

The Body Shop – A socially responsible corporate

White appearing person protesting holding a sign that says 'act now'.

We LOVE The Body Shop! And luckily for us, they seem to love us too. MindOut has worked with TBS since 2019 when we were chosen as one of their charities of the year. Since then they have continued to impress us with their commitment to LGBTQ mental health and they are a shining example … Read more

‘Winter blues’ tips with Darren, our Counselling Coordinator

Snowman wearing a long scarf and hat. Rainbow snow flakes are falling on the snowman

As the days draw shorter, the sun gets low in the sky and the weather turns cold, our pace of life can change, and with it our outlook. Many of us will have had this sense of ‘the winter blues.’ For some people, the effects can be really heavy and we’d consider them to have … Read more

This Trans Awareness Week we caught up with our trans advocate Lou and trustee Vicky-Jane

White appearing person smiling away from the camera, they are wearing a black hoodie and a green and white top and they are standing in front of a beach hut which has blue, pink and white stripes

Hi Lou, what can people expect from MindOut’s Trans advocacy service? The Trans Advocacy Service works one-on-one with people, to empower and support them to use their voice to make meaningful change on issues impacting them. I work with people on a huge range of issues, both small and large, such as responding to transphobia … Read more

Exploring sexuality and gender with our Fundraising Assistant, Malaika, this Bi Week

POC person looking into the camera and smiling, they have dark brown braids and are wearing a gold necklace

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Malaika (she/they), I’m a 23-year-old non-binary womxn, currently living in Salford! When did you start questioning your sexual identity? I started questioning my sexual identity in my first year of university. I began by identifying with Pansexuality, and then Bisexual. I now identify … Read more

Introducing Chris, our Suicide Prevention Worker

colour photo of person standing in front of blue sky

MindOut’s Suicide Prevention Worker, Chris Barker, supports LGBTQ people experiencing suicidal thoughts and suicidal distress, and helps develop coping strategies and safe plans. Chris also assists service users in accessing other services and emotional support whist they are on the waiting list to join our suicide prevention support groups. For 21 years, MindOut has been … Read more

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