Our Online Support workers are here for you over the festive season

Black person with short hair using a laptop while sitting on the sofa

Feeling lonely this holiday season? Want to talk to another LGBTQ+ person? Feelings of loneliness and isolation are really common this time of year, especially for LGBTQ+ communities. The winter months can be hard for many of us, and having another LGBTQ+ person to talk to can make all the difference. MindOut’s Online Support workers … Read more

The Body Shop – A socially responsible corporate

White appearing person protesting holding a sign that says 'act now'.

We LOVE The Body Shop! And luckily for us, they seem to love us too. MindOut has worked with TBS since 2019 when we were chosen as one of their charities of the year. Since then they have continued to impress us with their commitment to LGBTQ mental health and they are a shining example … Read more

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