The Power of Kindness by Stuart Wilkinson

The power of kindness can be a lifeline.  We never know of the struggles others are facing, and the simple act of being kind can be transformative for those on the receiving end, as well as for those showing that they care.

Lockdown is a very unusual circumstance for us all to find ourselves in.  Some may cope better than others but it is a worrying time for us all, making kindness to one another even more important.

I personally have found myself slipping backwards into negative habits resulting in a deterioration of my mental health.  Living alone, feeling isolated and being disconnected from the world and others made me forget to be kind to myself and to remember that I matter.

After weeks of not wishing to be a burden, I was contacted by a staff member at MindOut given I was not attending my weekly support sessions over Zoom, which would usually be in person.  The understanding and support shown has allowed me to refocus outward and start to set goals again.  The realisation that someone cares enough to check in and believes in me was enough to start thinking about my needs and to accept the help they were kind enough to offer.

We are setting exercise goals together now.  It’s very early days but knowing somebody is there has allowed me to set a plan and I am now on day two of going out walking, with an aim to building up to running.  Considering I have been too anxious to leave my flat even for shopping prior to reconnecting with MindOut goes to show just how powerful kindness can be.

I would like to thank MindOut and in particular, the staff member that started this process for me.  We never know if somebody is finding it hard to reach out, so check on each other, be mindful of those around us and look out for the signs that somebody may be suffering.  Because ultimately kindness could save a life.

photo of person wearing a white t shirt, a plant and a full length mirror in the background

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