50+ Project

Our 50+ wellbeing project aims to respond to the support needs of people over 50, reduce social isolation often experienced by older LGBTQ people and develop intergenerational activities for older and younger people to meet, learn and support one another.

“MindOut has become a community for people like me, where older people are seen, heard, respected and are able to contribute as well as have issues resolved” - MindOut service user in their 80’s

“I was able to tell my Advocate everything that was going on for me with my health before I went to my PIP review. We made a plan of what I wanted to say in my interview. Not only did I keep my benefit but it was enhanced. I was able to answer the questions asked of me even though it was difficult” - MindOut service user

The service offers:

  • Peer support groups
  • Advocacy and case work
  • Peer mentoring and befriending
  • Telephone befriending
  • Outreach support to people in residential care
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Social events
  • Online support
  • Wellbeing courses and workshops
  • Advice and information
  • Support to raise issues of collective concern
  • Mentoring and training to services on how to improve support and accessibility to LGBTQ people over 50 and over 70
“Attending the group gave me the space and security to share my experiences and talk about the issues I was facing, including “talking about scary feelings”. This demonstrates the value of the topics explored and the trust placed in the ‘safe space’ that MindOut provides” - MindOut service user in their 60’s
“I am so happy to celebrate Pride on the MindOut bus. I could never do this in Pakistan. I could not tell my family or friends back home that I was gay. I have introduced my friend to MindOut. He is also gay and suffers with anxiety because he is frightened. Here we feel safe and can meet people” - MindOut service user in their 50’s

Meet the team

Meet our 50+ Advocacy workers Dawn and Karen on our Who We Are page.

50+ Project leaflet

Download our 50+ Project leaflet.

Ageing Well Report

Download our Ageing Well in LGBTQ Communities report.

Find out more

If you would like more information about our wellbeing courses and workshops, please do get in touch:

01273 234 839

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