Trans and gender-diverse services

At MindOut we pride ourselves on being an LGBTQ mental health charity that is not just ‘trans-inclusive’, but actively affirming, competent, and trusted by trans and gender-diverse people in the Brighton and Hove community and beyond. Experiencing transphobia and transmisogyny has unique impacts on mental health, ones that MindOut is committed to tackling.

 We offer the following services for trans, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, and questioning people:


"I wouldn't have gotten through this difficult period without my advocate. They listened and helped me see the positives."

MindOut’s trans advocacy service provides can help with concerns connected to the trans care pathway, alongside issues connected to social transition e.g. health care issues and mental health support.

Meet Lou Thomas, our Trans Advocacy Worker

Online Support

Our Online Support Service provides free, anonymous support specific to trans and nonbinary communities. These sessions are led by trans and nonbinary-identified staff members and volunteers. Please check the pink chat bubble on each page of the website for the dates and times of these support sessions.


“My counsellor brought a smile to my face, which is a difficult thing to do at the moment. It’s so refreshing to be believed and respected.”

 MindOut’s Counselling Service is a non-judgemental, relational counselling service available to LGBTQ people. We pride ourselves in providing welcoming, competent space for people to explore gender identity and trans-specific issues. This service costs money, but is sliding-scale depending on your income and circumstances. Our counsellors, many of whom are trans-identified themselves, are experienced and comfortable addressing the needs of trans and gender-diverse people – trans-related or otherwise.

Community Engagement Work

Offered in partnership with UOK, MindOut’s Community Engagement Work provides for people with mental health needs who face multiple barriers to care, including institutional transphobia and related challenges.

Peer Mentoring & Befriending

If you want to learn new things, discover new hobbies or achieve new goals, we can match you with a volunteer peer mentor who can help you to build confidence, explore opportunities and feel more connected to your community. Or, if you’d just like regular contact with another trans or non-binary person to chat about how you are, share stories, and feel more connected, please get in touch with our befriending programme.


Our befriending, counselling, peer mentoring and online support services have volunteering opportunities for trans and non-binary people. Please do get in touch if you would like to learn more about volunteering at MindOut.


We provide trans awareness training as part of our LGBTQ affirmative practice training. Our trans-specific training has helped many organisations improve their competency with trans colleagues, service users, and clients, from the corporate world to other LGBTQ support charities.

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