MindOut peer support group services are available to LGBTQ people aged 18+ based in Brighton and Hove.

Our peer support groups are confidential and non-judgemental and are run by experienced LGBTQ group facilitators.

Our identity themed groups are run by facilitators who share the same identity as the theme of the group.

"without doubt this group saved my life. I was desperately lonely and isolated before, living a very depressed life. I have made connections with people very similar to me. It has taken 40 years for me to find my tribe."  - 50+ group member

The groups provide opportunities for LGBTQ people to:

  • Meet other people with shared lived experiences and shared identities
  • Create a safe and supportive space to share how you are feeling
  • Use shared experiences and identities to give and receive support
  • Help reduce loneliness and isolation and share coping strategies

Some of our groups are Brighton based, meet up groups and others are run remotely via Zoom.  

“this is the only time in my week where I spend time with people who look like me, Black queer people. This feeds my soul, I need this support and I feel so much better for it” - PoC group member

We are currently running groups for

  • People who are 50+
  • LGBTQ people with experience of suicidal thoughts
  • Trans and Non-Binary people with experience of suicidal thoughts
  • People juggling work with their mental health and wellbeing
  • Wellbeing Themed ‘Drop In’ peer support group for people with shared experiences

We often run groups for under 30’s, trans, BAME, non-binary, bi and queer people too. If you are interested in any of these groups do let us know, as we set groups up in response to interest and demand.

“the groups support has prevented me from becoming unemployed, and if I am honest, has prevented me from killing myself” - Group member

Meet the facilitators

Meet our group facilitators on our Who We Are page.

Please note the following images include posters of groups we have previously run.

Contact us to find out more.

Get in Touch

To request a group assessment or for more information, please fill in this form or get in touch:

01273 234 839

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