Fire Walk FAQs

Here are the frequency asked questions and answered for our sponsored Fire Walk on Saturday 30th September 2017. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

[expand title=”How much does it cost?” tag=”h3″]

To reserve your place there is an entry fee of £25. We then ask you to try to raise a minimum sponsorship of £100.


[expand title=”How to fundraise for this event” tag=”h3″]

We would like you to fundraise at least £100 for MindOut and in order to make this easy we have set up a group fundraising page via the donation platform Everyclick. Using Everyclick will allow us to collect GiftAid, potentially boosting your donations by 25%.

Its very easy to set up your personal fundraising page.


Click on the green “create fundraising page” button. You will be asked to create an account and then follow the instruction to set up a fundraising page to share with your friends and family.

If you have any queries please email us at [email protected]  or call us 01273 234839


[expand title=”What time do I have to get there and where do I go?” tag=”h3″]

The Fire Walk will take place at Jubilee Square, Jubilee St, Brighton right in the heart of Brighton North Laines area. We are asking Fire Walkers to arrive at 5.45 pm. There will be an hour long training seminar at 6.00pm then the Fire Walk will start at 7.00pm.


[expand title=”Can I bring my family and friends?” tag=”h3″]

Yes of course. The more people we have there giving encouragement to our Fire Walkers the better!


[expand title=”Who organises the Fire Walk?” tag=”h3″]

The Fire Walk and the training seminar is organised and conducted by UK Fire Walk, one of the UK’s leading Fire Walk companies.


[expand title=”Why should I walk on fire?” tag=”h3″]

We will never try to justify why you should walk on fire, the choice is always your own, however walking on fire gives people different rewards from overcoming their fears, self-fulfillment, spiritual awakening to just having a wonderful experience.


[expand title=”Can I burn walking on fire?” tag=”h3″]

There are various degrees of burns, from minor small blisters to third degree burns. the common denominator of those who do burn is that they all believed they would. We are pleased to say at UK Fire Walk we have never had anyone who required medical attention after our public, corporate or charity fire walks. However, there is always a risk with fire walking. If there were no risks, where would the challenge and accomplishment of walking on fire be?


[expand title=”How hot are the coals?” tag=”h3″]

The temperature of the coals can be as hot as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit – put into perspective: paper combusts at 451 degrees, aluminium melts at 1100 degrees, sausages on the other hand….


[expand title=”Who can walk on fire?” tag=”h3″]

Anyone can walk on fire, providing they feel they can. People aged from 4 to 98 years old have walked on fire.


[expand title=”What is the hardest part?” tag=”h3″]

The hardest thing to overcome is the fear of taking the first stop!


[expand title=”What are the added benefits?” tag=”h3″]

Fire walking is richly rewarding in terms of your personal development and the activation of your potential. It can help you to realise and focus your talents, make decisions, set goals, awaken and exercise inner strength to expand your conscious awareness beyond everyday experiences. You could even discover meaning, prioritise the important things and understand the purpose of your life.


Want to take part?

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