LGBTQ Over-50s Self-Advocacy Workshop

17th December 2020

1-3pm, via Zoom

Facilitators: Karen Dresback, 50+ Project Advocacy Worker and Dawn Hayes, 50+Project Leader

Self-advocacy is the skill of making your voice heard where it is otherwise silenced.

This is particularly difficult for those of us who are often silenced in society through prejudice and discrimination.

Self-advocating involves taking control of your life, building up your assertiveness and self-esteem and looking after our mental health.

Through self-advocacy we can tackle issues such as relationships, access to services, achieving personal goals, and getting what you want out of challenging scenarios.

In this LGBTQ Over-50s self-advocacy workshop we will

  • explore how we can develop our self-esteem and assertiveness,
  • cover some essential information about your rights,
  • workshop specific issues faced by older LGBTQ people,
  • and aim to make you more comfortable in advocating for yourself.

This workshop is available to any LGBTQ people who identify as LGBTQ, as well as any MindOut service users, volunteers, staff, and trustees over 50 years old.

To sign up, please contact us at [email protected] or on 01273 234839

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