Somewhere over the rainbow with Lloyds bank

Lloyds Banking Group was named number 1 in the 2017 Stonewall Top 100 employers list, which celebrates the pioneering efforts of leading organisations to create inclusive workplaces.

MindOut is delighted to report over the last 6 months we have been growing our partnership with the Lloyds Banking Group Rainbow Network, the LGBT colleague network within the bank.


MindOut staff and trustees standing with Llods bank rainbow network members


Lloyd’s Rainbow Network leadership team has been hugely supportive of the work we do and has shown a great understanding of our mission and values, and the details of the issues LGBTQ people with mental health issues face right now across the UK. MindOut has gained business mentoring support, expert advice for our strategic plan, invaluable digital marketing ideas, and two new trustees who will contribute finance skills to the board. Rainbow Network members and local Lloyds colleagues have made enthusiastic efforts to fundraise on our behalf with Bake sales, dress down days, and much more.


“Understanding the impacts to the LGBTQ+ community really motivated me to set up and support wherever I could.”

– Steve Edmonds – Rainbow Network member


In return, MindOut can offer Lloyds our expertise and skills around LQBTQ mental health in the workplace. This October we delivered a workshop to the Rainbow Steering Committee about what leaders can do to support LGBTQ mental health at work. Following this, 15 members of the committee came to MindOut for their Day to Make a Difference to learn more out what we do. We had a fantastically useful day and came away with a range of actions to boost fundraising, improve communications and for Rainbow colleagues to be involved with us in new and productive ways.


“What really struck me most over the day, was how the passion and persistence of a small number of devoted people can have a huge impact on the community they support. We all had a great day – but also learned a lot more about mental health in the LGBT community – something we are determined to bring through to the support we offer our Rainbow members and allies.”

– David Atkins – Rainbow Network member


At MindOut we feel that this partnership brings a significant boost to our sustainability as an organisation. We would like to say an enormous thank you to Kris Auld – our key liaison person within the Rainbow Network – who brings a real personal passion and understanding of the issues of LGBTQ mental health. Kris goes above and beyond his remit to support MindOut and has helped us realise the additional benefits we can glean from this partnership beyond the purely financial.


I am passionate about the work that MindOut does to support the LGBTQ+ community and I am very proud that Lloyds Banking Group is able to support in some way. Since working closely with the MindOut team I have been struck by the truly inspirational work that is done within Brighton and across the country.
During October LBG have been highlighting the challenges that the LGBTQ+ community face and are looking forward to hosting an event for over 100 internal and external colleagues, this event will drive raise awareness to the banking industry, connect more LBG colleagues to MindOut and hopefully raise some great funds. I very much look forward to LBG and MindOut working much more together in 2018 – Kris Auld


To date the Rainbow Network has raised around £5,000 for MindOut, which is incredible! A huge thank you to Kris Auld, Jessica Gee at the Hove office, and everyone else who contributed to this success.




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