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MindOut has been providing LGBTQ Affirmative Practice Training across Public, Private and the Third sectors for the last 11 years.

Our very first consultation meetings with service users highlighted demands for all professionals to have had training in LGBTQ issues.

An awareness of the mental health needs of LGB people and their increased risk of mental health disorders should become a standard part of training for health and social work professionals.

Michael King 2008

MindOut is passionate about helping organisations and professionals to become more confident in supporting LGBTQ people to get the help they need to build resilience and wellbeing. Our supportive learning environment encourages participants to reflect on and improve their practice. Our focus on affirmative practice is at the heart of all of our training. Affirmative practice embraces a positive view of (LGBTQ) identities and relationships and addresses the negative influences on mental health that homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism have on the lives of LGBTQ people.

“The training helped me see how the service I work for could be more mindful of gender diversity – because it’s currently very binary and how excluding this may feel for non-binary people. “

Please see below details of the training we offer, or you can download our leaflet. Please contact us and we can discuss your requirements. We are happy to design bespoke training.

Upcoming Training

A-Z of LGBTQ Inclusion - Meeting the mental health needs of LGBTQ people

Tuesday, 2nd February 2021 from 9:15 to 16:45

Trans 101

Tuesday, 23 March 2021 from 09:15 to 13:00

Training we offer

Trans 101 training – ½ day course

An essential introduction to trans awareness helping participants to develop more trans-inclusive practice. Recent research from Stonewall (Jan 2018) has revealed the shocking impact of widespread transphobia in the UK today and the impact this has on the mental health of trans, non-binary and genderqueer people.

This course will help increase knowledge and develop inclusive practice around:

  • The intersection between gender, sexuality, sex and gender presentations
  • The basics of social and medical transitioning
  • Trans mental health
  • Challenging transphobia

This course will count as 3.5 CPD hours and all participants will receive CPD certificates

Participants feedback about Trans 101

“That it’s ok to ask people. I had some fear of causing offence around this and I now feel more confident to compassionately open a conversation around pronouns”

Trans 101 helped me understand the struggles faced by trans people and helped me be more open – there is no short cut to understanding"


A-Z of LGBTQ Inclusion – Meeting the mental health needs of LGBTQ people - 1 day course

Research into LGBTQ mental health shows that mainstream health services do not meet the specific needs of LGBTQ people who, as a consequence experience real health inequalities. This same research repeatedly calls for focused training, not just for mental health professionals but for all professionals who provide services to LGBTQ people.

This training course will allow participants to come together, review and improve their practice when encountering LGBTQ clients with mental health issues.

Benign ignorance is not enough! The course helped me to justify to the team (and world) that this is important to know about”

Bringing together both theoretical and real life experiences, we will offer participants a unique perspective into understanding LGBTQ mental health and how our identities intersect with our mental health.

Participants will gain insight and skills in assessing and addressing the needs of LGBTQ clients/customers with mental health issues and gain confidence in dealing with heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. We will address good practice around monitoring for sexual orientation and gender and participants will go away with action plans around how to make their services more inclusive.

  • To review understanding of LGBTQ mental health, what’s different and why?
  • To deepen awareness of trans issues and trans care pathways
  • To develop affirmative practice interventions
  • To review information for signposting to LGBTQ specific support

This course will count as 7 CPD hours and all participants will receive CPD certificates

What participants said they learnt on our training in 2018:

“This course helped me reflect on what I take for granted as a white heterosexual woman that is not the case for LGBTQ people”

“Thinking about how to make my service more LGBT inclusive – really useful to have a discussion about it”

To book our training in-house for your organization


We operate a sliding scale based on an organization/company’s annual income


Over 35,000 and under £100,000                                £600 per day/£400 half day

Over £100,000 and under £250,000                            £800 per day/£500 half day

Over £250,000 and under £500,000                            £900 per day/£650 half day

Over £500,000                                                                 £1200 per day/£700 half


Please email [email protected]