The many faces of Pride

dawn rosie and ella ray at pride wearing colourful rainbow decorations and lots of people in the background

What I love about Brighton Pride is it caters for everyone. When I was younger I used to be found downing jäger bombs in the dance tents, misbehaving in Legends and eating pie and chips on St James’ Street at 4am. Last year I did a yoga class in the fitness tent, listened to some poetry, donated to a guide dog charity and was home in bed before Kylie finished her set. Young or old, LGBTQ or ally, there is something at Pride for everyone.

Now I have two kids I miss being able to wander between the tents checking out the different performances, but I have discovered a different side to Pride. Being part of Brighton & Hove Rainbow Families has opened up a whole different world to me. I feel very lucky to be part of such a fun and supportive network of LGBTQ parents and we proudly march in the parade with our children every year.

My wife and I first took our daughter to Pride when she was three weeks old. Our son was born in March this year, so will miss his first Pride, but we will dress him up in extra rainbows in 2021 to make up for it.

I think it’s really important for the kids to grow up appreciating diversity and to know that LGBTQ families are celebrated. There is something very lovely about thousands of people cheering our rainbow family.

dawn wearing a rainbow top hat and sunglasses walking down the road with ella ray who is wearing rainbow butterfly wings dawn holding ella ray wearing a pink dress with a rainbow on it dawn wearing a rainbow top hat peering through a rainbow love heart balloon ella ray with a rainbow hat and rainbow streamers baby luca laughing adorably in his mindout onesie

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