Trans and non-binary mental health advocacy

We are very proud of our trans and non-binary run mental health advocacy service – one of the few in the UK. We provide advice, information and representation for trans, non-binary, intersex, and/or gender diverse people who have experience of mental health issues. MindOut’s advocacy services have an excellent reputation as a well-known, trusted community resource.

Recently we have experienced a massive rise in the number of people contacting the service from across the UK (and beyond). We are really concerned about the lack of advocacy support for trans and non-binary communities.

Being gender-diverse and experiencing transphobia and transmisogyny has unique impacts on mental health. Whilst our trans advocacy service helps lessen those challenges, we are unfortunately only funded to provide this service to Brighton & Hove residents. We signpost people on to other services, where they exist, and provide emotional support and information to people whose need for case work is beyond our capacity.

The trans, non-binary, and gender diverse people who contact us are often in extreme distress, facing crisis after crisis in some of the most traumatic and distressing of circumstances. In particular, we have seen a significant increase in crisis support and suicide prevention from around the UK and beyond.

According to Jack Doyle, our Trans Advocacy Worker, “Trans people in the UK are facing unique mental health challenges even as we all continue to endure the Covid-19 crisis. With transition-related healthcare barely functioning on the NHS, a hostile media climate, disproportionately high rates of poverty and unemployment, and anti-trans hate crimes quadrupling over the past five years, we’re beyond at crisis point.”

MindOut is now calling for a properly funded, nationwide advocacy service. While we are encouraged by the growth in trans-specific advocacy services at the LGBT Foundation, Spectra, and elsewhere, the rising needs for these services are not going away. We believe that advocacy services that understand and work collaboratively with the needs of trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse communities are more vital than ever.

At the moment we are not always able to respond to new enquiries immediately and there may be a wait for a response, apologies in advance.

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