WellFest – Join our free well-being event, led by and centring LGBTQ People of Colour


MindOut, in collaboration with Radical Rhizomes, are delighted to be hosting Brighton’s first WellFest on 1st of April at the Brighthelm Centre.  You can book your place at WellFest here or at https://bit.ly/WellFest2023 

WellFest is a free one-day festival of wellness workshops, connection & community. Led by and centering LGBTQ+ People of Colour (PoC), the event is open to all LGBTQ+ folk, friends and allies. 

WellFest will focus on well-being practices rooted in various PoC cultures, which are often overlooked. The event will provide a platform for practitioners to showcase these practices and offer taster sessions in a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment.  

This production will also provide an opportunity to strengthen local partnerships by having local organisations join us to promote their services and break through some of the barriers often faced by QTIPoC (Queer/Trans/Intersex People of Colour) around access to wellness. 

The programme includes: 

  • Breath work and stretching  
  • Dance 
  • Voice and sound work 
  • PoC Centered performances and music 

Refreshments will be included at 5pm – with healthy vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.  

This celebration of the rich cultures from the beautiful broad intersections of the PoC Community will wrap up with performance, DJ playing world music and dancing until 8pm. 

Radical Rhizomes view groundbreaking events like this as a “crucial element for creating sustainable living environments for marginalised communities in the city of Brighton & Hove.”   

For us at MindOut, this is a great opportunity to show what is possible when working together, building on respective strengths and with an “intersectional approach to the event to ensure communities and individuals who are marginalised in multiple ways, are seen and centred here.”  

You can book your place at WellFest here or at https://bit.ly/WellFest2023 


Who are Radical Rhizomes? 

Radical Rhizomes is Brighton & Hove’s regular social and support network for the QTIPoC community.   

They have held a regular program of social and creative hangouts since 2018. Radical Rhizomes offer the opportunity to make new connections, share a meal, listen to an inspiring artist, enjoy a film, or take part in a creative activity.  

They have an active community of 200 members. All activities they offer are free to take part. 



Who are UK Black Pride? 

We are grateful to UK Black Pride through their CAF Grant to support MindOut in its ongoing commitment to inclusive work and focus on PoC communities.   


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