What’s On at WellFest 2023

Wellfest , MindOut and Radical Rhizomes PoC collaborative event on the 1st of April, is rapidly approaching and we’re excited to introduce the day’s workshops! 

All the workshops will take place at the Brigthelm Centre and will be led by different specialist PoC practitioners. They are all FREE to attend.  

If you don’t already have a ticket to WellFest and would like to attend, please book using the link below. 

For more information about the event and to book tickets, please click here. 


Rest and Restore – Jilna Shah – 2:15pm – 3:00pm (45 minutes)

This taster workshop will provide an opportunity to become a bit more still.  

You will be guided to become connect more deeply with your bodies, hearts and minds. Through gentle, chair-based movement, self-massage, and deep rest, Jilna will share some tools to help participants to begin to explore possibilities for coming out of this mode of being.   

Jilna Shah (she/her) is a community movement and meditation teacher and Craniosacral therapist who is inspired by the interrelationship between inner change and transformative social change. She has worked in anti-racism, migrants’ rights and intersectional struggles for liberation for the past ten years, including working in India alongside anti-caste movements. She is a trained Yoga teacher and facilitates movement and meditation in community settings to create spaces for connection and collective care- with refugee youth, QTIBPOC, migrant women and for elders.


Please bring a towel or yoga mat and a blanket with you to attend this workshop. No admittance once the workshop has started. No experience is required, and this is open to all abilities and bodies.












Chakraize Your Life – Dirish Shaktidas – 3:10pm – 3:40pm (30 minutes)

Dirish will give a guided yoga and movement experience, that will enliven your chakras, put the sizzle in your soul, and chakrasizee  your life! Boost and balance body, brain and coordination. Increase your dynamic energy, and awaken creative juices! Guided through the 7 stages from start to finish. Ending in a blissful relaxation  

Open to all levels.  

Dirish Shaktidas (he/him) is a yoga, and dance teacher and chakra specialist immersed in the world of holistic healing. He has been featured in Selfridges, Natural Health, WeWork, OM Yoga, and Wanderlust TV. Internationally trained by world-renowned teachers he has been practicing yoga, dance, and meditation for over 10 years. Dirish empowers you to embrace being different, with his humorous wisdom you will be elevated to all colors of the rainbow.

www.dirish.com @Dirish_Shaktidas   












Sounds From Home: A Voice Workshop – Adriana Lord – 3:5opm – 4:35pm (45 minutes)

Adriana will guide a group singing session focused on listening, using and exploring voices through improvisation and voice work. Also, there will be movement, breathing and relaxation with an appreciation of multicultural music and singing, including traditional Afro-Cuban songs with instruments and A Capella. The workshop uses theatre techniques and games to strengthen group work and as a support for improvising and performing. 

No experience is needed. 

Adriana Lord (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist (singer-songwriter, writer, theatre performer) with a background in medicine. She uses her creative expression to entertain audiences and opening them to connections as well as raising awareness about social issues. She is currently researching and studying Arts and Wellbeing with Creative Future and delivers workshops weekly at The Actors Pub, Brighton, in universities and events.

www.adrianalord.com @adrianalord 












Sound: Somatics – Rest & Digest – Yes Mel/Melanie Kalay – 4:50pm – 5:30pm (40 minutes)

Melanie’s therapeutic workshop will rewire and rejuvenate the cells, shift blocked energy and increase your awareness through the process of sound and somatics. 

It’s a chance to connect with your body and allow it to then receive the healing vibrations of the sound waves, which also assist with regulating the nervous and digestive system. 

No experience is required, and this is open to all abilities and bodies. 

Melanie Kalay (aka Yes Mel) (she/her/they/them) is a somatic movement practitioner, yoga teacher, DJ, and sound artist who draws connections between the physical and spiritual body and how we relate to nature and our environment. Melanie brings a fun, playful, and therapeutic approach to how we relate to our bodies, and how we can connect with others to create lasting change. 

yesmel.com @yes_mel and @melaniejkalay 












Bhangra & BollyBell Workshop – Emiko Ishii – 6:10pm – 6:40pm (30 minutes) 

Emiko’s works offer the opportunity to learn the foundation steps in Bollywood, Bellydance and Bhangra that you can take onto any dance floor! No matter what age, background and dancing experience, there is something for everyone! 

Egyptian style Belly dance, or Baladi, is the most common style of dance in Egypt today. It is energetic and danced to the most popular music. Arabic belly dance uses the torso and hips. The combination of the 2 styles will bring more body awareness and control of your movements. Belly Dancing promotes balance, strength, digestion, coordination and confidence as well as being a fun and highly expressive dance form. 

Bhangra is an Indian style of dance from the region of Punjab. The dance reflects movements of farming and celebration.  This high energy form of dance will definitely get your heart pumping. 

Emiko Ishii (she/her) is a British born Japanese Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer, Actress & Action Performer with more than 17 years of professional performance & teaching experience. Emiko is the Founder, Creative Director, Choreographer of International Dance Troupe, Epika Dance, where she has performed on prestigious live stage shows, award ceremonies, feature films and music videos.  She also teaches dance intervention at SEN schools and conducts international workshops. Her aim is to create leaders through dance. 













DJ – Mimi – 6:40pm

To end Wellfest we shall celebrate with music from around the world. International artist, and Brighton and Hove resident, DJ Mimi, will curate a set especially.  

Mimi (she/her) is an international artist based in Brighton/London. Mimi is a self-taught multi-genre DJ, Radio Host, Event Organiser and LGBTQ+ Activist. Mimi is of Mauritian heritage and her proud African and South Asian background influences much of her work. Her most acclaimed mixes combine sounds from her roots with UK styles including UKG, Jungle, DNB and more. 

Mimi is currently a resident presenter on the BBC Asian Network where she takes her listeners on a historical and cultural journey of local island music spanning from the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean. Founder of her own brand Pink Islands Collective where she hosted the first LGBTQ+ Mauritian and surrounding islands night to exist in the UK.  

www.djmimi.co.uk @djmimi 












We’ll also be providing a communal meal from 5:00pm till 6:00pm provided by Simply Veg Brighton. 

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